Arthroscopic ACL Surgery

  • Keyhole surgery to reconstruct the ACL tear with a graft which is usually 1 or 2 hamstring tendons.
  • There are other graft options which will be discussed
  • There may be damage to other structures including meniscus and articular cartilage which may also be repaired at the same time
  • Latest techniques involve anatomic placement with maximal footprint coverage.
  • Additional Anatomic Antero Lateral Ligament (ALL) Reconstruction is required in a small percentage of patients
  • Must do a prehabilitation program where knee has calmed down after injury (usually 6-8 weeks) AND when almost full range of motion and control of the knee has been achieved
  • Intermittent brace usage may be required to aid rehabilitation program
  • Must do a rehabilitation program after surgery with a specialist knee therapist where one must expect 9-12 months recovery
  • Purpose of surgery is to return to activity, reduce knee instability and decrease future requirement for knee replacement


Frequently Asked Questions – Knee ACL Reconstruction

When should I start physiotherapy?

Before your outpatient appointment at 2 weeks post op

How long should I have physiotherapy for?

9-12 months

When can I drive?

3-4 weeks post op and when you can perform an emergency stop safely

Is pain expected?

Mild to moderate for 2-3 weeks

How long will I be off work for?

2-3 weeks

Will I be able to walk normally?

Yes, but it will take 6 weeks

How long do I need to wear stockings for?

2 weeks

How long do I need to keep my dressing on for?

2 weeks

Can I go home by myself?


When can I start exercising?

2 weeks post procedure and with the advice from your Physiotherapist

When can I fly?

After 6 weeks