Hip Arthroscopic Surgery

  • Hip Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Keyhole surgery to treat labral tear / articular cartilage damage
  • Special training and techniques required (ask your surgeon)
  • Outcomes are dependent on amount of articular cartilage damage (>2cm2 of bare bone is a poor indicator of outcome)
  • Outcomes also dependent on capsular preservation (Paul’s technique)
  • Must have completed a prehabilitation program before
  • 2 weeks protected weightbearing unless large cartilage damage (>2cm2) where 6 weeks will be required
  • Must do a rehabilitation program (critical) after surgery with a hip specialist therapist
  • Expect 9-12 months for recovery after surgery
  • Purpose of surgery is to return to activity and reduce requirement for a Hip Replacement

Please note: If major articular cartilage repair has been undertaken – then above time frames are delayed


Frequently Asked Questions – Hip Arthroscopy

When should I start physiotherapy?

Before your outpatient appointment which will be 2 weeks post op

How long should I have physiotherapy for?

9-12 months

When can I drive?

2-3 weeks post op, when you can perform an emergency stop safely and you are off crutches

Is pain expected?

Mild to moderate for 1-2 weeks

How long will I be off work for?

2 weeks with a graduated return over the following 4 weeks. You will have limited mobility and walking times/distances for the first 6 weeks.
Full commute ability is expected after 6 weeks.

Will I be able to walk normally?

You will need to use crutches for 2-4 weeks but walking distances will increase following this.

How long do I need to wear stockings for?

2 weeks

How long do I need to keep my dressing on for?

2 weeks

Can I go home by myself?


When can I start exercising?

Exercise with cycling or swimming at 4 weeks, walk/run programme at 4 months and full competitive sports at 8-10 months. All of the above with the advice from your Physiotherapist

When can I fly?

After 6 weeks