Patient Specific Hip Replacement

Jemma Macdonald

Headcorn, Kent
December 2019

I first met Paul in 2016 after about 6 years of extreme pain, mis-diagnosed bursitis and a previous arthroscopy to repair a labral tear, all of which resulted in the end of a professional dance career.  Despite having already undergone surgery, I was diagnosed with another labral tear and impingement (which had not been diagnosed or treated previously).

Reluctant to undergo further surgery, Paul first offered a hip block injection to improve pain and allow me to start rebuilding some strength. The effect of the block was amazing and I felt a huge improvement.  Once this wore off I underwent a hip arthroscopy in early 2017, in the hope that I could get improved function and resumption of some dance activity and pain free dance teaching. 

After giving birth to my first child in 2018 I was again experiencing chronic pain and went back to see Paul in 2019. My scans showed a stark picture; due to falling pregnant so quickly after the arthroscopy, the microfracture had not had the chance to fully heal and the movement within the joint (as a result of pregnancy) meant that at the age of 36, I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis, and my only treatment option was a total hip replacement.  I was devastated to receive this diagnosis, especially as a mum to a young toddler as I thought my mobility and ability to be an active parent would be severely impacted by the replacement.

However, I decided to go ahead with the surgery in December 2019 and I could not be more pleased with the result.  I am now completely pain free, back to participating in dance classes and can easily run around after my daughter and enjoy long walks with my dog.

Words cannot describe the pain I have been in for the last ten years and the impact this had on my life through my late twenties and early thirties.  I now feel about 15 years younger and completely forget that I have even had my hip replaced!

Throughout all of my consultations with Paul, I felt listened to and able to discuss all my questions and concerns at length.  I was extremely grateful for the way in which Paul presented the information to me so that I could make a truly informed choice about my treatment.  The advanced techniques that Paul uses, such as the 3D mapping, ensured I had complete confidence in going ahead with the surgery. Personally, for me, Paul’s understanding of my need to delay surgery in light of breastfeeding and the additional research he did for me, regarding the effect of certain pain relief and anaesthetics on breastfeeding was greatly appreciated.

8 months after my total hip replacement surgery, I climbed my first hill – 418m to the summit of Dumyat in Scotland. I would never have imagined I could have walked any distance, let alone uphill prior to having it done! I always felt my treatment plan was very personalised to me and what I wanted to achieve in life, not just that the box for ‘functioning’ could be ticked. I am so grateful to Paul and want to thank him for everything he has done over the last few years to assist me in achieving my many ‘crazy’ endeavours.