Patient Specific Hip Replacement

Stephanie Tyler

March 2020

When I was originally diagnosed as having severe osteoarthritis in my right hip back in September 2017 (bone on bone), I was told by my local hospital that a hip replacement at my age (mid-40s) would not be advisable and it was more about me managing my symptoms until I could be recommended for surgery in later years. I actually hadn’t done too badly up to this point because I was still fairly active (despite the nagging pain in my hip and walking with a limp).  Gradually though, over the next couple of years, my activity levels declined as the pain and discomfort became more and more severe, to the point it was even painful to stand for short periods of time and I could only walk very slowly with an increased and more noticeable limp.


At the beginning of 2020, after a very painful day at work, I thought, enough was enough, and managed to obtain a referral appointment to see Paul Jairaj the following day.  On first meeting Paul, I found his approach and outlook to be refreshingly different to the doctor at my local hospital 2 years previously.  As Paul said, my quality years are now and not when I am older (when your activity levels naturally decline anyway) and hip replacement surgery at my age is advisable and totally feasible if the hip pain was hindering my life, which it was.  After examinations and with X-Rays and CT scans, it was confirmed that I was an ideal candidate for total hip replacement surgery and so decide to take the ‘plunge’ and book myself in for the op two months later.  Paul’s detailed explanation of my diagnoses and what to expect pre and post-op helped me to make my decision.


My hip replacement procedure was less painful than expected.  It was actually my first ever operation so I was a little apprehensive beforehand but needn’t have been as everything went better than I could have hoped for.  The operation went well and Paul saw me later that day to ensure everything was OK. I found Paul to be caring and attentive but also with a passion for his work in ensuring his patients receive the best medical care. This always helps for a speedy recovery and I was up on my feet the first day post-op.  I have been left with a very neat little scar that has healed up very nicely too!


I had my operation 8 months ago and it has been a resounding success and that’s all thanks to Paul.  My activity levels are up to what they were years ago but with no pain.  I can now go on my lovely long country walks again and I no longer walk with a limp.  I would 100% recommend Paul Jairaj to anyone else who is considering orthopaedic surgery.  I have already said that, if my left hip ever gets to the point of needing surgery (I won’t let it get anywhere near as bad as the right one was pre-op), then it is Paul who I want to have the surgery with again.