Excellent surgeon, great comms and follow up

Mr Jairaj is very professional and makes you feel completely at ease

Paul is an extremely competent and caring surgeon

Diagnosed my injury straight away. Was knowledgeable, polite, efficient and saw me quickly

Very helpful and friendly

I always felt informed and free to ask questions

Clear advice and operation has gone very well

Knows what he is talking about, understands my problems and issues

Confident and clear explanation of things

Have recommended him to someone a couple of years ago and she was so impressed as well

Highly knowledgeable in his field, very calming and a thoroughly nice guy

He finds the time to follow up and see you with a genuine and firm interest

Paul is a consummate professional, very transparent which I really appreciate

Paul takes a conservative approach - important as he does not take unnecessary risks with patient hips

I have had three hip procedures with Paul and have recommended him to others

Hip Arthroscopic Surgery

Helen Campbell
April 2019 (Right) July 2019 (Left)

I was referred to Paul by my physio in November 2018 with a suspected bursitis in the right hip area. X-rays and imaging showed the problem to be far greater, with ischial and trochanteric bursitis and an undiagnosed hip impingement causing labrum and cartilage damage.  The left hip was slightly worse.  Disaster!  In ten months time I was booked to fulfil my long-held dream of hiking up the to the Tigers Nest Monastery in Bhutan!  Paul very calmly said ‘We’ll get you there’ and put together a programme of Hip Block Injection plus intensive physio to get me ‘match fit’ for surgery. In April 2019 I had right hip arthroscopy with acetabular chrondroplasty and femoral neck osteoplasty.  Twelve weeks later Paul repeated the operation on my left hip plus capsular labrum reattachment. Twelve weeks after that I hiked to the Tigers Nest Monastery with no discomfort. I honestly don’t think another surgeon would have got me there.  Paul was fully involved every step of the way - he even invited my physio to attend the operation - and struck the right balance between encouragement and caution.  Paul, his surgical team and his secretary Candice treated me as an equal partner in every decision, always open and friendly and minimising the jargon to ensure I fully understood my options. One year on and I’m learning a form of injury-free running at a centre Paul recommended, and back to cycling, yoga and horse riding.  An unexpected bonus has been the improvement in my mental wellbeing; good pain-free posture has made me a much easier person to be around!   It’s no exaggeration to say this has had a massive positive impact on my life and I am delighted with the result.  I recommend Paul without hesitation.  

Patient Specific Hip Replacement

Stephanie Tyler
March 2020

When I was originally diagnosed as having severe osteoarthritis in my right hip back in September 2017 (bone on bone), I was told by my local hospital that a hip replacement at my age (mid-40s) would not be advisable and it was more about me managing my symptoms until I could be recommended for surgery in later years. I actually hadn't done too badly up to this point because I was still fairly active (despite the nagging pain in my hip and walking with a limp).  Gradually though, over the next couple of years, my activity levels declined as the pain and discomfort became more and more severe, to the point it was even painful to stand for short periods of time and I could only walk very slowly with an increased and more noticeable limp. (more…)

Knee arthroscopic surgery

Ann Gordon

I consulted Paul Jairaj after suffering for  sometime with a painful left knee - it was particularly painful on going upstairs and also after playing tennis. I had spoken to my GP and she had thought better to leave alone but it was deteriorating, so I decided to ask friends for a recommendation and Paul’s name come up. I found him very personable and professional from the start. I decided to proceed with an arthroscopy which took place at the end of November 2019 - I am 67 and well in all other respects. Paul found a large fat pad within my knee which had to be reduced. Recovery went to plan and with the assistance of a very good local physiotherapist, I was soon walking easily and with no pain. Within 4 months I was back playing tennis , almost pain free, which had been my aim.
Paul was very professional and businesslike from the start and took time to explain various possibilities so that I could make my own decisions about what could be achieved. Paul is very friendly and approachable and I would certainly recommend him. He also has a very efficient and charming secretary who was very helpful too. If I have the misfortune to require further treatment, I would return to him.

Patient Specific Hip Replacement

Colin Bangay
January 2020

I originally saw Paul as I had what felt similar to a groin strain but turned out to be Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI).  After several scans/MRI I took the decision to have a hip arthroscopy done on both hips despite knowing that it would be a temporary fix and how long they lasted depended how badly damaged the hips were. Both hips were in very bad shape (bone on bone, no cartilage, and labral tears).  Paul performed miracles to get them both cleaned out, bled my bone marrow to try and form a fake cartilage and fix the labral tears.  These operations were done in February and May 2017 and although didn’t fix the issue they did give me better movement for a short time. I saw Paul during 2019 for an MRI and then had my right hip replaced on October 23rd 2019, and my left hip replaced on January 8th 2020. Both operations went well and I’m so happy with them both!  I can walk with absolutely no pain now and am working towards getting back to squash. I can already play a bit of tennis and squash training. Paul has been excellent the whole way through my journey and I have already indirectly recommended him to someone who was also happy with results. Paul was easy to talk to, listened to what my goals were and was encouraging about my chances of getting back to squash.  He also explained to me what he was going to do, showed me my scan/MRI results, as well as letting me know how the operations went and checked how I was doing in the hospital before I was discharged.  I’m 100% happy with all that Paul did and would recommend him to anyone else without hesitation.

Patient Specific Hip Replacement

David Cliffe

I am a fit and very active 68 year old who enjoys cycling, golf, distance walking and much gardening. My right hip had given me intermittent pain for some years, but in a few months in 2019 deteriorated rapidly and severely making it painful to walk a few hundred yards, and making golf, cycling, and serious walking impossible. Paul Jairaj carried out a right hip replacement in October 2019 at the London Bridge Hospital. After three months I was playing golf, able to walk 10 miles plus; and was back cycling 30 miles after five months - always pain free.
From my initial assessment with Paul Jairaj, everything was explained clearly and simply, and all questions answered in a similar manner. Paul and his office were very efficient and communicated very well. In particular I was impressed with the importance Paul placed the correct recovery programme post-procedure, to the extent of talking to my physiotherapist concerning my personal programme. Perhaps above everything, Paul was friendly, professional, and gave me great confidence in him, the surgery, and outcome.

Patient Specific Hip Replacement

Jemma Macdonald
Headcorn, Kent
December 2019

I first met Paul in 2016 after about 6 years of extreme pain, mis-diagnosed bursitis and a previous arthroscopy to repair a labral tear, all of which resulted in the end of a professional dance career.  Despite having already undergone surgery, I was diagnosed with another labral tear and impingement (which had not been diagnosed or treated previously). Reluctant to undergo further surgery, Paul first offered a hip block injection to improve pain and allow me to start rebuilding some strength. The effect of the block was amazing and I felt a huge improvement.  Once this wore off I underwent a hip arthroscopy in early 2017, in the hope that I could get improved function and resumption of some dance activity and pain free dance teaching.  (more…)

Patient Specific Hip Replacement

Josephine Light

My pain was increasing with lack of mobility which was having a huge impact on my general health and wellbeing. I was also unable to sleep at night, get on with every day life, or also enjoy my much loved hobby playing golf. Following my hip replacements my life greatly improved. It has certainly been the best decision I have ever made. I’m living a full and active life now and playing golf four times a week with a much lower handicap. Thank you Paul for being so kind and caring - you instilled confidence in me when I was at my lowest. Your skills and professionalism are first class and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is in the same position as me.

Hip Arthroscopic Surgery

Louise Hannah

Paul was recommended to me by my spine surgeon as I had been suffering from pain in my left hip for two years.  I’d previously seen another hip specialist who had diagnosed a small tear in the cartilage around the hip.  However, Paul also flagged that I had a cam lesion (where the hip bone is too big for the socket) and that this had caused the cartilage surrounding the hip bone to become detached.  I had an operation to remove some of the bone and reattach the cartilage.  It later transpired I had the same issue on my right hip, for which Paul performed the same operation.  Paul did a great job on both hips and twelve months on I have no pain and am back to my normal sports activities.  Paul is very thorough, pays attention to detail, was happy to answer all of my questions (I had a lot!) and explain the scans thoroughly.  Paul was passionate at all times about helping me and getting the best outcomes and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Knee arthroscopic surgery

Paul Steggle

Further to my operation in December of last year I wanted to drop you a line of thanks. As you are aware, I was having trouble carrying out daily exercise and even found that walking was being restricted by the pain that I was experiencing. I was extremely surprised as to how quickly I was up and about after the procedure and even managed to get back on the golf course within 5 weeks of the operation, which I am truly thankful for.

I would definitely recommend anyone needing a knee operation to seek your services as you made me feel comfortable from the initial consultation to the final discharge and were very clear in your explanations of why and how you were going to perform the procedure. Thank you again.

Patient Specific Knee Replacement

William Wellbelove

Excess sport as a younger man combined with advancing age, left me with a “worn out” left knee. I presented to Mr Paul Jairaj in exceptional pain, and barely able to walk. Having had a traditional right-knee replacement some years previously, I thought I knew what to expect.

From our first meeting Mr Jairaj went to great lengths to ensure myself and my family felt like partners in the process of deciding the optimum treatment.  He listened assiduously to my concerns, to my desired outcomes and engaged in meaningful discussion about my options.

It was agreed that a customised 3D-printed knee would allow for a speedier recovery and a better outcome than the more traditional knee replacement that I had had before and was anticipating.  This very much proved to be the case. Post operation (April 2019) I could walk with good form, without crutches, at 9 days.

The post-operative care was excellent. In addition to regular contact, I was guided towards an excellent physiotherapist and recommended to use a "Game Ready" machine to aid recovery and reduce swelling and pain. The operation was so successful that just 5 months later I walked the notoriously challenging 100-mile West Highland Way. A testimony to Mr Jairaj's skill as a surgeon, the technology he employed and the recovery plan he set.

Arthroscopic ACL Surgery

Charlotte Albion

Dancing in my high heels at my big 50 party I was suddenly struck by the most excruciating knee pain, unable to hold my bodyweight and carried off to A&E! Dependent on my body for work, I was unable to teach or treat my Pilates Rehab clients.

Paul swiftly organised an initial appointment on Tuesday at 8.30am, following my accident over the Bank Holiday Weekend. Immediately I felt in safe hands, he is very calm, empathetic, recognised my pain, and undertook a gentle examination of my knee. After an MRI Paul confirmed I had torn my ACL and had a bucket handle meniscus tear, both required surgery.

Following the operation Paul popped in to say the operation had gone well. He stayed conversing with my visitors and I for well over an hour, well beyond his call of duty! I felt excellently cared for and very lucky to be under his care.

Throughout all of this I had questioned the reality of returning to my work training STOTT Pilates teachers as some of the advanced exercises are challenging which I need to demonstrate well to student teachers. Despite this my rehabilitation was rapid. I was back at work after six weeks and now two years on as able as I was prior to my operation to demonstrate even the most challenging exercises, and dance in my heels again!

Knee arthroscopic surgery

Jim Dickson

12 months ago, my knee was affecting my everyday life, literally walking any distance was becoming an issue, let alone my passion for running and cycling - for someone who has always led an active life, this was starting to affect my mental wellbeing.

During an 18 month period, I had tried physio, strength exercises, even various injections, until I finally decided to speak to Dr Paul Jairaj as nothing was improving my knee condition, my mobility was actually getting worse - Paul was a breath of fresh air, he talked me through the options and whilst nothing can be guaranteed, his plain speaking around the condition of my knee and what his proposal was, inspired me with confidence - so many people had been negative towards my ultimate goal of taking regular exercise, that I doubted I would ever run again

I was dealt with swiftly and all scenarios were explained in perfectly understandable details, from the reception team through to the hospital care and after care - each team were friendly and helpful, I followed all their advice on my recovery - and here I am 10 months later, running freely, cycling and taking regular exercise, free from pain.

Patient Specific Hip Replacement


My patient experience was excellent from start to finish. Mr Jairaj provided a very balanced and measured view as to the need for surgery and the positive and negative elements – he was never promotional. The operation itself went extremely well and his attentiveness during the hospital stay was terrific. Post-operation he continued to take a very keen interest in my recovery and provided invaluable guidance for many months.

Patient Specific Knee Replacement

Angeline Rosner

On the 27th of February 2019 I had a total knee replacement under the care of Mr Paul Jairaj. Having had a left hip replacement done the year before, I was expecting my recovery period to be much more traumatic as everybody will tell you that the knee is far more complicated than a hip.

To my amazement I was up on the same day of the operation to do go to the bathroom and after a good night sleep, I was fit to start my exercise regime. I was fortunate to have quick flexibility in the knee and was ready to go home on the 3rd day!

I attended therapy on the 7th day (my physiotherapist could not believe that I was doing so well) and a funeral service 8 days post op. I progressed extremely well and went back to the office after 3 weeks and I have not looked back. I am sure with the great skills and advice of Mr. Paul Jairaj and the recommended "Symbios" implant it would not have been such an amazing journey. Many thanks to Mr. Jairaj and the nursing staff at the London Bridge Hospital.

photograph of Lee Taylor

Articular Cartilage Preservation and Repair

Lee Taylor

Further to my recent knee arthroscopy, I would like to thank you for your care and skill in ensuring that I had a positive experience and healthy outcome. I am now pain free and have made a full recovery within 6 months of having the surgery. You and your team ensured that I was kept fully prepared and informed of the arrangements, procedure and aftercare that was required.

I would certainly recommend that any of my friends or relations suffering from similar injuries contact you for advice and treatment.