Excellent surgeon, great comms and follow up

Mr Jairaj is very professional and makes you feel completely at ease

Paul is an extremely competent and caring surgeon

Diagnosed my injury straight away. Was knowledgeable, polite, efficient and saw me quickly

Very helpful and friendly

I always felt informed and free to ask questions

Clear advice and operation has gone very well

Knows what he is talking about, understands my problems and issues

Confident and clear explanation of things

Have recommended him to someone a couple of years ago and she was so impressed as well

Highly knowledgeable in his field, very calming and a thoroughly nice guy

He finds the time to follow up and see you with a genuine and firm interest

Paul is a consummate professional, very transparent which I really appreciate

Paul takes a conservative approach - important as he does not take unnecessary risks with patient hips

I have had three hip procedures with Paul and have recommended him to others

Patient Specific Knee Replacement

Richard Horlor

I suffered a severe impact injury to my left knee in 1978. I recovered enough to run three marathons and undertake long-distance walking but over the next 30-40 years, despite two arthroscopies, the joint had little viable cartilage left and the bone on the tibia began to die (Osteonecrosis). Walking became increasingly painful, the joint felt like broken glass being crushed into it and my gait, which by now had developed a severe limp and affected my hip alignment, was deteriorating to accommodate the pain.

Paul had undertaken the second knee arthroscopy but now two years or so later he clearly set out and discussed my options with myself and my wife. Paul has a very comfortable manner and exuded confidence without arrogance. After discussing my expectations (I wanted to continue skiing and hiking in the Pyrenees and Alps) he recommended a Total Knee Replacement using the Conformis system of 3D printing a new knee joint bespoke to my anatomy.

After the surgery the recovery was very rapid and with the aid of the recommended Physiotherapy, Ice Therapy to reduce the swelling and later Yoga to improve my range of movement, I am walking and skiing without pain. 16 months later, I have just completed a week of arduous off-piste skiing in Klosters and 6 days of hut-to-hut ski touring in Austria and Switzerland without pain. (at least 10km walking each day).

The joint and surgery - fantastic! Worth every penny and I am so grateful to Paul and his team for giving me my outdoor life back!

Patient Specific Hip Replacement

Paul Huddlestone

I am 68 years old and received surgery for two replacement hips on separate occasions just over two years apart, both of which were undertaken by Paul Jairaj.

I have led a very active lifestyle and wished to continue to be active in my later years. Although I was not in great pain with my hips, I had become restricted to limited walking and discomfort was mounting. I had therefore ceased to be active and I was concerned that my problems would no longer allow me the freedom of choice of the past.

I met with Mr Jairaj and from that moment onwards I felt that I was in good hands. There was a full review and screening of my problems with full explanation, which gave me the confidence to proceed with my first hip replacement. The recovery time was amazing and the care and attention provided by Paul and his team, together with the excellent support of London Bridge Hospital and its staff, could not be faulted.

Both replacement hips have been fantastic and allowed me to recover to the extent that I do not even think about the fact that the hips are not my own! I have been able to partake in nearly all my previous activities and have even been able to complete the 5K Park Runs in very good times. I cannot thank Paul and his team enough for the opportunity to regain my active lifestyle as well as participating and enjoying in all the fun of family activities.

Patient Specific Hip Replacement

Aaron Lloyd

I first organised an appointment with Mr Jairaj in the middle of June 2019 to see him for a consultation at the Shard. Upon arrival the facilities at the Shard were brilliant and all the staff were really helpful. In the consultation with Mr Jairaj he took a detailed history of problems I have been having regarding my left hip. We took our time and I didn’t feel rushed at all like I have for other appointments previously with other consultants.

I was referred for MRI CT and also X-ray. When I went back to see him for a follow up we discussed my options and went over the results of the scans. I had absolutely no cartilage in my hip and the bones were rubbing that badly that part of my bone was cracking and wearing away. I felt completely at ease and felt that every option was explained in the simplest of terms for me, as I am not medically trained myself. After having a chat with him it was pretty obvious that surgery to have a full hip replacement would be the best thing for me even though I was only 24 years old. Mr Jairaj said it was entirely my decision as to what to do and he did not force me once to go ahead with surgery, but it was the best option for me to do.

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Patient Specific Hip Replacement

Geoff Gyte

I was referred to Paul Jairaj, Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon practising at London Bridge Hospital, by the physio clinic I was attending in Sevenoaks. He first carried out a very successful replacement right knee operation in 2016, and then in 2018, following the development of a very painful right hip, a replacement hip operation. Paul has proved to be a top notch surgeon. He is delightfully personable and instils complete confidence. I have been so pleased with the surgery he has done for me. I am completely back to full fitness.