Paul Jairaj

Paul Jairaj

Orthopaedic Surgeon

About Paul

Mr Paul Jairaj is a specialist London Hip Surgeon and specialist London Knee Surgeon leading the way with the most advanced proven treatment options. With fifteen years’ consultant orthopaedic experience Paul has trained internationally and consults in private practice predominantly in Central London and also at the Kent Surrey border.


Paul’s expertise is in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the hip and knee. Whether the ultimate outcome is a non-surgical or minimally invasive surgical route there will always be a multi-disciplinary team approach. Patients can be assured that their care involves all the professionals required to guide them to their optimal health and function.


Paul’s approach is to treat the whole person, not just the injured body part, to ensure return to the goals the patient is currently unable to achieve. Paul offers a spectrum of treatments from injectables to the joint or sub-chondral bone, arthroscopic procedures to preserve or regenerate cartilage, reconstruction procedures for ligaments, and for those with severe joint damage a minimally invasive patient specific joint replacement.


I saw Paul Jairaj for two hip arthroscopies on both the left and right hips in 2016. The scans showed I had a CAM, torn labrum and some areas with complete loss of cartilage. I was experiencing sharp pains in both hips, in particular, when I was sitting down.  For…
Ben Woolman
Following an accident skiing in February 2020, I was diagnosed with a severed ACL and I had also injured the LCL and MCL as well.   Mr Jairaj was able to confirm this diagnosis quickly and helped me work on a treatment plan which would involve ACL reconstruction surgery. Whilst COVID…
Sadie Baron
I consulted Paul Jairaj in September 2019 at the recommendation of my physio after the discomfort in my left hip failed to respond to treatment. Imaging revealed I had cartilage loss in both hips which meant the only course of action was a double hip replacement. Paul began by administering steroid block injections to reduce…
Liz Schwarz
I'm a 56 year old who plays football twice a week (badly, but you can still dream), does triathlons (slowly) and spends a lot of time walking the dog. For many years my right knee had been troubling me and increasingly so. I chose to ignore it - putting it down to wear…
Richard Warren
I was referred to Paul by my physio in November 2018 with a suspected bursitis in the right hip area. X-rays and imaging showed the problem to be far greater, with ischial and trochanteric bursitis and an undiagnosed hip impingement causing labrum and cartilage damage.  The left hip was slightly…
Helen Campbell
When I was originally diagnosed as having severe osteoarthritis in my right hip back in September 2017 (bone on bone), I was told by my local hospital that a hip replacement at my age (mid-40s) would not be advisable and it was more about me managing my symptoms until I…
Stephanie Tyler
My pain was increasing with lack of mobility which was having a huge impact on my general health and wellbeing. I was also unable to sleep at night, get on with every day life, or also enjoy my much loved hobby playing golf. Following my hip replacements my life greatly…
Josephine Light
I originally saw Paul as I had what felt similar to a groin strain but turned out to be Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI).  After several scans/MRI I took the decision to have a hip arthroscopy done on both hips despite knowing that it would be a temporary fix and how long…
Colin Bangay
I first met Paul in 2016 after about 6 years of extreme pain, mis-diagnosed bursitis and a previous arthroscopy to repair a labral tear, all of which resulted in the end of a professional dance career.  Despite having already undergone surgery, I was diagnosed with another labral tear and impingement…
Jemma Macdonald
I consulted Paul Jairaj after suffering for  sometime with a painful left knee - it was particularly painful on going upstairs and also after playing tennis. I had spoken to my GP and she had thought better to leave alone but it was deteriorating, so I decided to ask friends…
Ann Gordon

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